Telephone Recordings

Mainstream Telephone Recordings

Here are some telephone recordings that we didn't create:

Our Telephone Recordings

B-series recordings were recorded using a pickup coil. Audacity was used to remove noise and to digitally amplify certain portions.
I-series recordings were recorded using Audacity WASAPI. Only the distant end (called party) was recorded (my voice was not).
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ID Type Date Series Topic Narrated? Length Size Ext Download Mirror
B1 Bay Area 2018-AUG Palo Alto Train Station General Overview Yes 33:13 19MB OGG Download Mirror
B2 Bay Area 2018-AUG Stanford Payphones Main Quad Payphone Overview Yes 24:23 13MB OGG Download Mirror
B3 Bay Area 2018-AUG Stanford Payphones Galvez Payphone Overview Yes 35:45 15MB OGG Download Mirror
B4 Bay Area 2018-AUG Stanford Payphones SIT Tones & Deposit Prompts Yes 40:22 17MB OGG Download Mirror
B5 Bay Area 2018-AUG Stanford Payphones Toll-Free Fun Yes 34:36 12MB OGG Download Mirror
B6 Bay Area 2018-AUG Stanford FloMo Dorm Line Stanford PBX Overview Yes 14:38 6.1MB OGG Download Mirror
B7 Bay Area 2018-AUG Stanford KZSU FM90.1 Sounds of 711B SxS Switch No 29:35 5.3MB OGG Download Mirror
I1 0xx/1xx 2018-APR 0xx/1xx Inwards (814) 028-121x No 00:11 1.9MB WAV Download Mirror
I2 0xx/1xx 2018-APR 0xx/1xx Inwards (307) 025-121x No 00:30 2.6MB WAV Download Mirror
I3 0xx/1xx 2018-APR 0xx/1xx Inwards (612) 076-121x No 00:31 2.7MB WAV Download Mirror
I4 0xx/1xx 2018-APR 0xx/1xx Inwards (507) 058-121x No 00:33 3.0MB WAV Download Mirror
I5 0xx/1xx 2018-APR Union City Operator (307) 782-0000 Yes 01:13 6.8MB WAV Download Mirror
I6 0xx/1xx 2018-APR 0xx/1xx Inwards (816) 018-121x No 00:29 2.5MB WAV Download Mirror
I7 0xx/1xx 2018-APR 0xx/1xx Inwards (717) 032-121x No 00:09 874KB WAV Download Mirror
I8 0xx/1xx 2018-APR 0xx/1xx Inwards (812) 021-121x Yes 00:28 2.6MB WAV Download Mirror

Computer Generated Recordings

Here are some telephony-related audio recordings from crysknife007 (who uploads videos of all kinds of societal sounds):